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Atlantic City New Jersey

atlantic city around town Can 33 million people be wrong? That's how many people visit Atlantic City each year. It's a number that places the Queen of Resorts, as Atlantic City often is called, in the ranks of the top destinations in the United States. Why do they choose this particular destination? One word: Casinos. Atlantic City has 13 of them now to attract not only that select group known as high-rollers but also the many people whose budgets are better suited to low-limit tables. Black jack, roulette, slots and all the other well known gambling options are available, as well more exotic varieties such as Pai Gow Poker and Sic Bo.

But gambling is a relatively new feature of this seaside resort situated on Absecon Island off the Jersey shore. People flocked to Atlantic City for summer fun and relaxation long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene to put his name on three major casino resorts. When it wasn't yet a city but merely a sleepy seaside resort, people came to enjoy the miles of white, sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes. The area's fortunes took a major turn when businessmen capitalized on the unbeatable combination of seaside amenities and railroad service.

atlantic city local info The rise of new entertainment and lodging options drew increasingly greater numbers of people.The year 1854 generally is considered Atlantic City's birth as a bona fide tourist mecca. Atlantic City's Boardwalk, also known as the Wooden Way, opened in 1870. The Steel Pier opened in 1898 and over the years made a name for itself as an entertainment hub with novelty acts like diving horses and high-wire motorcycle riders as well as world-class entertainment. The prohibition era spawned interesting new business activities, from rum-running and speakeasies to illegal gambling dens. After that, Atlantic City fell into decline as new tourist destinations developed and air travel gave people more choices of where to go on vacation.
In 1976, a sparkling new chapter in Atlantic City's history began when city officials allowed legal gambling. With the development of casino resorts, Atlantic City has become a year-round resort with incomparable modern-day entertainment that is only enhanced by the living reminders of what the resort used to be like. The Boardwalk remains today, stretching about five miles and lined with casinos, shops, museums and all manner of new attractions, but the rolling wicker chairs that made their debut in 1887 still make their leisurely way up and down the walk. The Steel Pier has been re-invented as an entertainment center frequently compared to New York's Coney Island, but it still attracts major-league entertainers. Long live the queen.


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